Patrick Halpenny

Web Desinger - Graphics Artist





I am a Media graduate with plenty of experience in the multimedia industry. I make valuable contributions to the design team whether it is project management or problem solving. When I start working, I can adapt well to a productive environment. I am always eager to learn new techniques as I am an enthusiastic person that aims to make an impact.


National Pen

Web content and graphics specialist

2018 - 2019


I started my position with national pen again after graduating from college with my Bachelor’s degree. I was happy to be starting my new role and been able to expand my skills into the web department. I had to assist with the new website, along with helping on the old site.

My main tasks was to do the promotional banners for all twenty-four countries every week, I would work with the marketing and web coordinator to get the pricing, product and most importantly get the translations correct. .



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ux coming soon

Am currently reading up on UX project design book and desgining a portfolio section to go with it. Stay tuned.

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National Pen

Graphic Designer

2013 - 2015

National pen Junior Graphic Designer When I finished my two-year course in media and web development I had the choice to go into college to get my degree but a job opportunity opened for a junior graphic and when I was offered the role, I decided to go for it and plan my degree at another time. As experience is important to get on my CV if was to move onto other opportunities. My job role was normal when any customer puts in an order, we would be given instruction via Oracle from the selling agent what the customer wanted on his product logo, phone number, address and so on. After completing the customer request for his details on the product. The next thing was to set up a file for the production team so the machine would be able to read the file and print the artwork on the product mainly pens. During my time here we had targets of 45 logos to do per day so we had to use be time careful on top of all this we would need to be team players for dealing with issues that other members need help with. Attention to detail would have to be most important as some customers would want colour but the type of print for example laser cannot show colour or judging the type sign if it will be readable on the product, all of this stuff has to be taken into consideration before proceeding onto the next logo. When after a few years I decided to part ways with the company and go back to college to expand on my education and obtain my degree and move onto different experience and challenges.

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Sublime scandinavia

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Sunset logo

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Page/Graphics Desinger

2017 - 2018


When I graduated shortly after college, I managed to land employment In Dublin for this exciting new start-up company called Connectors Marketplace. It deals with obtaining data from consumer habits and then selling it to a potential business that is looking into increase profits from it.

The Role

The company was working with Google for the next three months to improve their overall website and integrated all things google into their website, the project is called Google adopt.

Work Envirmoent

I worked remotely from home and Travelled into Dublin for a meeting every Monday morning with the whole team. In the conference room, we would review how I was progressing and get feedback from the Google advisors on what they would suggest doing next with the manager's approval.


I was prototyping the new website using Invision while designing new icons and doing some UX research. During the first two months, we had agreed on the new website and would work with the developers to implement the changes.



After completing the project with Connectors and Google there was no longer need for my assistance and was acknowledged for helping out in the start-up. The company has recently changed its name from Connectors Marketplace to Orcawise and are still going strong.


Finished Examples


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